Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"College Humor" grows up, shows us all how it's done

How many times have we seen links like this? It's kind of what you'd expect from a site called "College Humor".

Here's the same link from the main page of their site:

Same old, same old, eh? A little internet T&A to get you through your day. As The Onion brilliantly pointed out, even CNN is in the sexual voyeurism business now.

But let me tell you something: You really should click that College Humor link. Do it!

You won't regret it.

H/T Nat


  1. Sorry but I can't tip a cap to a site that has made itself big from exactly this. It's just opportunist seizing of moral high ground and quite frankly poor of them to trying and be up there.

    What’s next? Nuts telling me about feminism?

    Just a cheap PR stunt to gain some credibility at others expense I’d rather support Cyrus than them.

    Just look at their front page…. hypocrites!!!

  2. Dan, are you for real? Wow.

  3. yep! have you even looked at the usual dribble they put out?? hypocrisy at it's finest, just look at the top posts on their site.... they have handy thumbnails of women all over their pages to help you!

    In the meantime the onion did a far superior synopsis of the whole Cyrus thing and executed with much more credibility, that's how you do it :-)