Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Buy our shoes or we'll kill this dog

Sorry, I couldn't help but remember National Lampoon when I saw this ad:

Here's the copy:
Project E:MOTION isn’t for the faint of heart.* That’s because our new midsole design forces your stride into fluid submission. This undeniable smoothness translates into less work for your legs, so you get into your zone faster and feel like you could stay there forever. Sure, not everyone will appreciate your increased efficiency, but, ironically, not everyone was born to run like an animal.
I know it's a gag, but I have to admit seeing a dying dog didn't exactly endear me to the brand. People who love dogs often love them more than they love other people. I can't see people who run with a canine companion being motivated by this.

The other two are just weird:

Not really a winner of a campaign. I'm posting it more to get reactions to the dog ad.

H/T Ads of The World.

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