Thursday, August 22, 2013

"Drink more water" PSAs banned from local cinema

Two low-budget health department PSAs promoting water drinking have caused unexpected controversy in Ukiah, California:

According to Daily Journal News, the ads have been rejected for placement in the Regal Ukiah Stadium 6 cinema by its national media placement firm, which is named as National CineMedia — which also serves theaters owned by AMC Entertainment Cinemark Holdings, and others.

The reason? According to the agency that produced the ads, DG Creative Branding, "It conflicts with soda sales in the theater lobby and will upset management and the theater circuit"

As the agency's video points out, bottled water (marketed by Coke and Pepsi) is also sold at cinema concessions. So it seems strange that these PSAs were seen as such a threat. Especially considering their unassuming DYI stock-photo-slideshow style, and the fact that they were sponsored by the CDC.

I doubt there's any vast cola conspiracy here. My guess is that some poorly-trained individual at National CineMedia made a stupid call. The company could not be reached by Daily Journal News for comment.


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