Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dear Brands: please stop appropriating terrorism

Update: They apologized and the embedded Tweet was removed.

Here's a screencap.

It was a terrible thing. It killed a lot of people. It started wars. It forced us to give up a lot of freedoms.

But one thing is for sure: It did not happen so that brands could borrow interest from death.

I'm only picking on AT&T because it just showed up in my feed. Please share any others you see at the contact form below.


  1. This AT & T appropriation ad will forever be my favorite ad of all time. Because I have yet to be able to not tear up when he says "On Sunday". I don't know whether it was a Sunday, but I will never forget seeing part of my family suddenly in front of my grandma's house... on the "wrong", on our side of the Wall.
    To me it portrays the feelings I had very well.

  2. @fart (twitter) had a pretty impressive collection of lesser known brands offering deals as a memorial tribute. Blargh.