Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Apparently, this Indian ad showing a woman remarrying is a big deal

Buzzfeed's Rega Jha shared this ad by Tansishq, an Indian jewellery brand. She explains that while marriage is a common theme for these types of ads, the idea of showing the second marriage of a woman with a child is unusual:
"This is remarkable for a nation where widow remarriage, although legal, is still not completely accepted, and divorce and remarriage, while on the rise, are still highly stigmatized."

Ms. Jha says that at the end, the girl asks her new stepfather if she can call him "daddy".

The ad is pretty over-the-top in its sentimentalism to Western eyes, but the Twitter comments gathered in the post congratulate the advertiser for showing a "dusky" bride (played by Priyanka Bose) who "isn't stick skinny" and who has a child.

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