Monday, November 18, 2013

Begun, the Rob Ford parody ads have

Toronto Sun

It's too bad this one is not very funny. While Mayor Ford's bizarre statements and behaviour are fair fodder, as far as I'm concerned, his weight and alleged substance abuse problems are more problematic material.

According to the Toronto Sun, who snapped this screencap:
A cheeky American budget airline swears it wasn’t smoking crack when it offered cheap airfare Thursday, including a $29.90 one-way ticket to the Toronto region. 
Spirit Airlines assured fliers in an online ad that they don’t smoke the illegal drug Mayor Rob Ford has recently confessed to using, in a bid to sell ultra-low airfare including a $29.90 one-way ticket to the Niagara Falls, NY airport.
The capture is dated November 14. It seems to have been removed from their site.

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