Friday, November 29, 2013

Live healthy, drink Coke?

These just showed up on Ads Of The World, credited to  ATHOS\TBWA in Bolivia. Copy says, "A sedentary lifestyle kills like any disease. Change your life for your own life."

The file names indicate that they're some sort of partnership with Bolivia's health ministry, but they are branded only with the Coca-Cola logo and no call to action.

Spec? I don't know. The whole thing is just so wrong on every level. Health authorities partnering with Coke? Coke telling people to get off their asses? That font? THAT FONT?!?!


  1. I agree about the font, Tom. It's pretty... Well. It's just... Nasty.

    Don't forget, Coke are determined to get us moving. After all, why else sponsor the Olympics?

    You could argue that these approaches are for top of mind status. But, actually, I think it's more linear than that.

    If you get up off your ass and do some exercise, you'll get hot/sweaty. And what do you do when you're hot/sweaty? Drink something cold and delicious.

    By backing exercise, Coke is, potentially, reinforcing their market share by creating additional per capita demand.

    Or maybe you're right and this is just slightly nasty spec work...

  2. The Photoshop work here is so bad I don't want to believe they're even real ads...