Thursday, December 19, 2013

"Fathers4Justice" ad attacks Kate Winslet's kids

It's a low-res image, but this ad (found on Daily Mail) reads:

Kate, every child deserves their father this Christmas.
We congratulate Kate Winslet on the birth of her new baby boy. 
However, in a recent interview, the actress was quoted as saying, 'My kids don't go back-and forth, none of this 50/50 time with the mums and dads — my children live with me; that is it. That is it!' 
We disagree. This year nearly 4 million children will wake up without a father this Christmas, often as a result of outdated and prejudiced views with treat a nation of first-class fathers as second-rate parents. 
We hope that Kate and her son never experience the profound pain and loss of being separated from their loved ones as millions of fathers and children will, not only at Christmas, but throughout the year.
The Mail reports that Ms. Winslet has threatened to sue Fathers4Justice. She has three children by three men: film directors Jim Threapleton and Sam Mendes, and Virgin Galactic's Head of Marketing Promotion and Astronaut Experience, a man who legally changed his name to "Ned Rocknroll". Although it doesn't make a difference these days, she was actually married to the first two dads when their children were born, and is currently wed to Ned. (I'm thankful she kept her maiden name!)

Sam Mendes is reported as saying "It is inappropriate for this organisation to involve my family and I when they know nothing of our personal circumstances. Whilst I fully support fathers’ rights, I can happily state this has never been a concern for me or my son."

Apparently, Jim Threapleton has been supportive of the group (in 2004) as he claimed he went long periods without seeing his daughter.

Ms. Winslet's lawyers sent Fathers4Justice a letter this week calling the ad "misleading and seriously defamatory."  A group spokeperson, however, commented: "We believe the content of the advert is accurate, balanced and reflective of her comments. Fathers4Justice has not made any comment in our advert about the personal arrangements of Kate Winslet and the fathers of her children."

No, they just happened to say that every child needs a father, and implied that she was wrong to say that her kids stay with her rather than "flown here and there with nannies."

I'm a dad. And my son is everything to me. I can't imagine not being able to see him. So I can imagine the passion with which these estranged dads fight for parental rights. They just need to leave Kate Winslet's kids the hell out of it.

As well, I respect and honour the many households that don't have fathers — single mothers due to divorce, death, or simply choice, and those started by same-sex women couples.

I thought we were already over these kinds of blanket statements 21 years ago, when US Vice President Dan Quayle went after a fictional character on TV for deciding to have a kid on her own.

The ad hasn't been placed yet, but in this digital age that is almost beside the point in a discussion about advertising ethics. To lawyers, however, it will make a big difference.


  1. They are completely out of line to use her name and image to further their cause without her consent! I hope they get seriously sued.

  2. Very succinct post. That organisation is too militant these days. How many children of fixed two parent only households have also down through the years of family life been without one or other parent due to work commitments..? Her first husband commented he did not see enough of his daughter when she filmed for fixed periods on film lo cations but that is common issue for all parents with international occupations whether working in film or business etc. Second nasty ad from this group. Recall the poster attacking Mumsnet depicting a baby boy covered in abuse of depicted child minor who had no choice in whether his image naked used for adult agenda. Disgusting immature dangerous people at the helm.They should be sacked.