Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Another "stripper" fashion campaign, but with a twist

Hypersexualized campaigns are getting so lazy these days, when I first saw the thumbnail for Steve Hall's Adrants post about this campaign, I thought it was the same one I blogged about yesterday.

It's not. This one, at least has a gag at the end:

Still a pretty embarrassing stripper campaign, but this one has an actual product message about why you, the straight man in the captive audience, need new gitch. The insight is pretty solid. I have some underpants that are holier than the Shroud of Turin.

I'm not sure whether to classify this one as a shock gag or just more run-of-the-mill sex in advertising. If the former, considering it was done with a great deal more "shock" and "gag" just two years ago for cancer awareness by JWT London, this one has some stiff competition.

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