Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wasn't the Eye of Sauron always a big...?

Okay, perhaps you're not as jaded as me. But I got more than one giggle out of the yonic symbolism in the manifestation of evil in Peter Jackson's film adaptation of Lord of The Rings.

When I saw this on Ads of The World, however, it occurred to me that perhaps I wasn't the only adman who saw naughtiness in Mordor:

It's just the latest in a trend towards ads that take the "sex sells" axiom to absurd extremes.

Unlike the unappetizing "food porn" campaign I wrote up in November, however, this one at least is literally selling sexuality. Even if it betrays a certain film nerd fetishism in the creative team:

You may remember that gag from Spaceballs:

The other two are more original, but less impactful:

The campaign is by Kinga Grzelewska, Marcin Nowak, Bart Biały and Łukasz Gromkowski at Lowe, Warsaw.

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