Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A German anti-beer ad? Now I've seen it all!

"It's not just you alcohol ruins" Via Ads of The World

This ad, credited to Jung von Matt, doesn't even make any sense. A bottle of beer makes other people angry at you? What?

Plus, I wonder why International Blue Cross (not the American insurance providers, but a group of "independent, non-denominational Christian organisations") would take such a zero-tolerance attitude towards something that most people use without problems.

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  1. you missed the point! you, the beer drinker, are looking at others, possibly persons important to your life, through the bottom of the empty bottle of beer that you just drank. the distorted view through the bottom of the bottle is the the distorted view that you, the drinker, have as a result of drinking.

    or something like that.