Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A message from the False Advertising Industry about "natural" foods

Adfreak just shared this hilarious takedown of weasel words in food advertising:

The irony here is that, worldwide, "Organic" is a certification that is not as absolute as you might think. And the health benefits of organic foods are always in question. (In our household, we're more concerned about farmers' exposure to toxins.) But it's still a fun bit of advocacy.


  1. at 0:45, the '...maybe add a picture of a barn?' is SO true, and so far from the reality of where the food really came from.


  2. You're an idiot. Organic means zero synthetic chemicals. So no herbicides or pesticides or roundup. Read the usda prohibited and allowed substances dumb ass. How can health from organic be of any question... It's a statement. Organic is healthier duh. If you care about farmers exposure to toxins then why would organic not be the best solution. Stupid sheeple