Wednesday, February 5, 2014

McDonald's (Canada) wants you to see how McNuggets are made

We've all seen the image. Pink goop that looks like strawberry ice cream gets extruded from a machine. It's claimed to be everything from ammonia-treated beef to Chicken McNuggets. It's this generation's version of "worms in the burgers."

The picture is real, and it shows highly-processed chicken that has been mechanically-separated from odds and ends of birds. But it's not how McNuggets are made. At least, not now.

The following video is one of the latest efforts by McDonald's Canada to be more transparent about its ingredients. And if you're used to dealing with meat, it's not even that gross:

Personally, I'm more concerned with how the chickens were housed, fed, slaughtered and processed before they hit the grinders — not to mention how well the meat is monitored for contamination and most of all how the workers are treated.

You can read a hilarious PR blog full of doublespeak here. (My favourite line: "From Alive Chicken to Not-Alive Chicken.") However, when I read that "80-90,000 chickens are processed daily" I am not exactly reassured.

But whatever your personal sensitivities are about the meat industry, it's at least fair to say the McNuggets didn't come from "pink slime."

The McRib, on the other hand...

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