Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Brazil to Adidas: Stop sexualizing our culture

Screencap via Edmonton Journal

Who knew?

Adidas (AKA "All Day I Dream About Sex") was trying to cash in on Brazil's bethonged sex appeal as part of their 2014 World Cup sponsorship, when Brazil asked them to stop.

A statement from Brazil's tourism board stated, "Embratur strongly repudiates the sale of products that link Brazil's image to sexual appeal," claiming that the shirts promoted sex tourism — a challenge for any country hosting a premium international sporting event.

Via The Guardian

Brazil has its first female president, Dilma Rousseff, and The Guardian reports that she said her government is going to "crack down" on sex tourism — particularly the exploitation of children — during the World Cup this June.

Brazil's ministry of women's affairs also issued a statement, saying, "This is all the more shocking in a country that just elected a woman as its highest authority, which brought greater respect for women and zero tolerance for any form of violence against them."

Adidas has since agreed to discontinue the shirts.


Times sure do change.

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