Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dutch suit brand brings "Blurred Lines" douchiness to retail

What does it take to sell a suit these days? Undressed women, of course!

Huffington Post's Alanna Vagianos quips, "While sex may sell, it's almost impossible to determine what SuitSupply is even attempting to sell here."

I won't go so far as that. Suit Supply, a Dutch retailer, is selling the "sizzle," which is that a well-dressed man is more attractive to — and sexually successful with — women. It's a facile view of masculinity embraced by many young men and the shitty media they consume. But it's hardly new or confusing. It's just intellectually demeaning to both the women and men portrayed.

Ironically, the "uncensored" version keeps the bikini bottoms on. The sexualization of this brand apparently has limits, and those limits involve genitalia.

But using topless women to accessorize douchey male models in suits is clearly just fine.

No, I'm not surprised by this. It's just one more example of brands cheapening sex and female sexuality to sell crap. What I'm really wondering is if the target audiences will ever get sick of being treated like idiots who think with their dorks.

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