Thursday, April 10, 2014

Edmonton radio station asks if rape victims "share any blame"

Wait, what? 630 CHED is an Edmonton talk radio station. Today's online poll asks, "It's very controversial but do you think victims of sexual assaults share any blame for what happens?"

Here are the results, as of 1:00 EDT:

I don't know what's worse, the fact that they asked this loaded question or that a third of their respondents want to blame women for being raped.

The station's previous polls run from the trivial ("Will you be celebrating world dog day?")  to impossibly oversimplified takes on big issues ("How would you resolve the problem in Syria?"). However, I failed to see anything else to suggest that victims of violent crime are partially responsible for being attacked.

Here are some suggestions for upcoming polls:

"Do the victims of a home invasion share any of the blame for living in a nice house?" 
"Does the mugging victim share some of the blame for talking on an iPhone in public?" 
"Did the victim of bullying bring it on himself by not fitting in?" 
"Should that fatal hit-and-run victim known better than to walk on the sidewalk after last call?"
Thanks to @TrinaMLee (via @LadySnarksalot) for the "twip":

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