Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Man decides to make the Double Down a permanent part of his body

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I imagine the mass of grease known as the Double Down would stay with most people for a couple of hours, tops. That clearly wasn't enough for one young man, who wanted the relationship to be more permanent:

In the book Radical Marketing, Sam Hill and Glenn Rifkin talk about brands that are so loved, their evangelists literally brand themselves with tattoos of their favourite logos and products.

I guess KFC's Double Down has achieved that:

From Grub Street:
For the sake of a new ad, KFC apparently convinced a bearded individual — he escapes with his anonymity intact — to visit Tattoo Salvation in Louisville for a calf tattoo along the lines of that Norwegian guy's McDonald's receipt. Artist Adam Potts realizes that "with it being chicken, bacon, cheese, and the sauce," this particular design poses a problem: "There's a lot of browns and yellows in it." Still, he inks a bunless beauty, even adding in a very Ed Hardy-ized Colonel Sanders.

The video was featured on #HowDoYouKFC, a portion of the KFC corporate site set aside for "community."

Hey, tattoos are a very personal decision. But the "a lot of browns and yellows" comment should have been a red flag. The chicken "buns" look like a pile of poop.

I was wondering if this was an example of a more regrettable ink idea.

After all, how would I feel today if I had had a McDLT tattooed on my arm, years ago?


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I guess 15 minutes of fame is worth it for some people.

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