Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mexico's breastfeeding campaign big on breasts, feeding not so much

Via La Grande

The text in the banner says, ""Don't turn your back on them ... Give them your breast."

The women are model and actress  Camila Sodi, TV presenter Cecilia Galiano, boxer Mariana "Barbie" Juarez and  actress Maribel Guardia. All are famous in Mexico.

NPR points out that while breastfeeding rates in Mexico are among the lowest in Latin America, the causes have more to do with a society that is not supportive of working women breastfeeding, and one in which formula companies ply their trade among rich and poor alike with little or no regulation.

Will saying, "Look! These sexy celebrities want you to give your breasts to your baby" be an effective way to turn this around? Unlikely. The whole idea that breasts only serve to turn us on is part of the problem in societies unfriendly to breastfeeding. This will probably only make things worse.

Here are some larger images of the ads, via mujereselsalvador.com:

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