Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"#Titcoins" is someone's bad spec idea, right?

Titcoins by Pornhub from Javi Iñiguez de Onzoño on Vimeo.

When this video first made the rounds last week, I filed it under "someone's idea of clever spec work" and kind of forgot about it. Not even worth a comment. Or so I first thought.

After all, PornHub is already in-market internationally with the crowdsourced "SFW advertising contest" which is much more clever than this. But since the mostly-male creative class in global advertising wants to do work that is even more sexist than the stuff that's already out there, we keep getting things like this:

I'm not convinced that PornHub had anything to do with this "ad". The post on Ads Of The World gives credit to a Spanish digital agency called La Despensa, which has a number of known brands in its portfolio. But did anyone at PornHub sign a contract, make an approval, or place this on any media?

Not that they're paragons of virtue. I just can't see them thinking this was a worthwhile regional campaign.

Much more interesting, to me however, is the commentary showing up on the AOTW post:

This is not a place in which I am used to seeing a lot of sensitivity. Is #YesAllWomen even reaching the hardened hearts and burned-out souls of advertising enthusiasts?

Please, say it is so.

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