Tuesday, April 21, 2015

China's LeTV Godwins Apple with Hitler poster

Via The Verge
According to The Verge, this poster for Chinese internet video site Leshi TV (LeTV) is making a rather awful comparison of Apple to a dictator who caused millions of innocent people to be murdered.

LeTV's founder, Jia Yueting, posted the image to his Weibo page. The Verge explains:
The text across the top of the poster compares the attributes of the Android and iOS ecosystems — "Crowdsourced, freedom vs arrogance, tyranny" — while Jia's accompanying post argues that Apple's approach to the smartphone industry is stifling innovation and harming the interests of users.

Apple is certainly worthy of criticism on its proprietary shenanigans, but Hitler?

Dangerous Minds has delved into the strange world of "Hitler Chic" in Asian countries, including China. One quote, from the manager of a clothing shop in Hong Kong that received complaints from tourists about a Nazi-themed window display was especially telling: “This is Hong Kong, and Chinese people are not sensitive about Nazism.”

I suppose it's not that far-fetched to see the Holocaust as something very distant from the experiences of people in China. But does that make this OK? Not for their Western neighbours, anyway.

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