Monday, December 7, 2015

#HackAHairDryer wasn't the best way to break stereotypes about women in STEM

Oh, IBM. What were you thinking? In a fiasco similar to the European Union's ill-conceived "Science: It's a Girl Thing" video, IMB has been called out by actual women scientists and engineers for this video:

The Twitter response is at once angry, hilarious, and sad:

According to Business Insider, IBM has declined to respond.

UPDATE: It's been pulled.


  1. Shannon Turner's tweet was especially well put.

  2. Unfortunately the video has been removed ... But I noticed that a lot of newspapers wrote about the topic. It seems that IBM apologized for the campaign in the meantime.

    But the fact remains that it happens again and again that such campaigns are released to the public. Do they still want bad news to get more attention? Would be interesting to see the results if such a campaign would be generated by crowdsourcing :).