Friday, May 7, 2010

Make your Mother proud!

Mother's Day is just two days away, and our campaign has been a viral success.

So far, the video has had 4200+ views in less than two weeks, and the French and English Cause groups have almost a thousand do-gooders each. One fan, Paula, has even set up a birthday wish page where she asks that her friends donate to the cause in lieu of birthday gifts.

The launch of the campaign, with Joannie Rochette telling the sad story of how she lost her mother during the Olympics, made international headlines. As a result of our international Blogger Relations, Joannie's campaign has been spotted in blogs in places as far away as Switzerland, Moldova and Korea, as well as in figure skating forums.

The campaign will keep going after Mother's Day, but in the final push of phase one I urge you to donate through the site. You can do it through the Cause page, or direct to the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.

The University of Ottawa Heart Institute is Canada’s largest and foremost cardiovascular health centre dedicated to understanding, treating and preventing heart disease. We deliver high-tech care with a personal touch, shape the way cardiovascular medicine is practiced, and revolutionize cardiac treatment and understanding. We build knowledge through research and translate discoveries into advanced care. We serve the local, national and international community, and are pioneering a new era in heart health.

Don't hesitate if you're outside of Ottawa, or even Canada. Your donations fund care, education and research that are working to reduce heart disease worldwide. Some of UOHI’s work includes

• Caring for more than 80,000 patients each year
• Providing cardiovascular training to more than 100 physicians annually
• Setting new cholesterol standards
• Causing the medical community worldwide to rethink how disease develops
• Launching a protocol that has cut deaths from heart attacks by 50 per cent
• Discovering a gene that increases the risk for cardiovascular disease by 40%!

Since the beginning of the campaign, we have added an option to send your mom an e-card letting her know you've donated on her behalf. And just for fun (because I love working every angle in social media for a good cause) I set up a Facebook Group called "I made a Mother's Day donation to support the heart health of all women" just to wring the very last drops of goodwill out of my online friends :)

Happy Mother's Day. And please donate! For Mom!