Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Busting out the double entendres for breast cancer

I got word last weekend from MTV Canada's Aliya Jasmine Sovani, better known to the world as the star of last year's controversial and popular "Save The Boobs" video, that this year's promo video is out.

Interestingly, after last year's swimsuit edition provoked controversy over the sexualization of breast cancer, this year the Boobyball crew decided to take a more humorous approach to promoting their Rethink Breast Cancer charity party:

Okay, so it's pretty goofy. But at least they had some fun with the send-up of 70s porn.

Unfortunately, as of this writing, the video is still unavailable on YouTube. I can only imagine that MTV, after seeing diverse postings of last year's video getting hundreds of thousands of hits, decided that all that traffic should be directed to their corporate site.

The problem is, the video is not easy to share or embed. This will inevitably lead to far fewer views, and far less awareness for this year's event.

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