Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Top 10 of 2010, Part 1

Today and tomorrow, I'm going to do a year-end roundup of the ten most read Work That Matters posts — according to Google Analytics.

Here are numbers 10-6:

10. Okay, so this is awkward... (Dec. 14)

A very recent post, this one got a big boost in viewership when I tweeted it at Ice T, with the smirking "@FINALLEVEL, call me... O_-" …and he RTed it.

It's just me goofing around with the "How Hetero?" application by Stockholm Pride, which analyzes your heterosexuality based on keywords in your Twitter feed. Ice T and I ended up being equally "just gay enough".

9.  Wow. Just Wow.   (Jan 29)

This was my reaction when I first viewed the "Embrace Life" PSA by Sussex Safer Roads Partnership.  It has since been viewed over 12 million times on YouTube and won multiple awards — including a Bronze Lion. But when I first read about it on Osocio, it was only viewable on the client's web site and not embeddable — very social media unfriendly.

Looking back, it's fun to read the comments as Marc van Gurp (of Osocio) and I  work to convince Neil Hopkins of Sussex Safer Roads Partnership to put it on YouTube ASAP. The final straw comes when I let hiom know that someone in Brazil managed to bootleg it on their own channel. Just over an hour later, Embrace Life was officially going viral.

I like to think that Marc and I played some tiny part in getting this spot online sooner than would have happened otherwise. It also cemented our online friendship, and Marc invited me to join the Osocio authors that March.

8. An immersive creative experience (April 16)

Usually, my most read posts are on burning social issues. But this one was quite the opposite.

It was for the launch of our campaign for the opening of Calyspo — Canada's largest theme waterpark, and went through our creative process in developing the characters that give the park its thematic faces. These illustrated characters have since been replaced by live action ones, which we also designed. The cute backstory is that Wildman Jack, the nature-loving blond guy, is named after my environmentalist young son.

7. Ottawa Admen go *POP* (July 30)

Another fun post, this one was about twin Art Directors (and friends) Daryn Wantuck and Tim Wantuck, and their participation in the exhibit Pop Life: Living in a Material World at the National Gallery of Canada. The twins work together at The Bytown Group, and I used to work there with them. So did illustrator Michael Zavacky who is now at McMillan. What was cool about this one is that Daryn, Tim, Zeke and I collaborated online to add an Ottawa ad industry touch to the exhibit — matching retro Doublemint Gum shirts!

6. (April 26)

One of the most heartfelt jobs we did this year was for the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. It was an appeal for donations by Canadian Olympic Bronze medallist figure skater Joannie Rochette — who lost her own mother to heart disease during the games.

This online video, shot by Acart Videographer Christopher while Joannie was making an appearance in Ottawa, was our launch of the "iheartmom" fundraising brand on social media. We ended up seeding to blogs all over the world. Joannie took "iheartmom" with her to her new role as spokeperson for Birk's, opening up a whole new fundraising stream for the Heart Institute.

Tune in tomorrow for the Top 5.

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