Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Can Isaiah Mustafa rekindle the viral love?

He's back! Maybe a little less toned. Maybe a tad rushed in his delivery. But "Old Spice Guy", the meme that more than doubled sales of Old Spice Body Wash last year is back. And he's a bit of a tease.

But can he bring back the magic, after Raven Ray Lewis failed to bond with YouTube viewers, and after so many parodies? (Some awesome, and most awful.)

Old Spice is betting on it. And I'm sure it will get a lot of initial attention. But sequels are always tricky. Besides which, when you start at "over-the-top", where else can you take it?

To be continued.

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1 comment:

  1. The viral magic is always there, due to his style of educating the people with his over the top manner of speaking that is loaded with masculinity. In which he did his job well in increasing the brand's popularity, and people around the world are the witness of that.