Monday, February 28, 2011

No. Sense of irony at all. No-l-ita.

Just before the New Year, I blogged about a shock campaign that Italian fashion house Nolita had done to stir up the pot at Milan Fashion week and raise awareness of models with anorexia.

The model, Isabelle Caro, has since died of the disease.
It seemed like such a bold statement, coming from within the industry. I started following the brand on Facebook, to see what else they came up with. And then they posted this video:

Let's look at some stills:

Oh, but maybe she's just naturally skinny.

Yeah, that's the ticket.

And.. her?

Not exactly "well-fed".

Although I hear sandwich prices in Italy are through the roof.

So you can understand the models skipping a lunch...

...or two...

...or five...

Are you looking at the fashion, or counting nipples and ribs?

And Portmanesque collar bones?
I tend to waffle between being a critic and an apologist for the fashion industry, because I understand both the concerns of women's issues advocates about body image and the need to create a brand based on fantasy.

But if you were going to make a point of being the brand that stuck it to the industry for promoting unnatural thinness to the point of death, wouldn't you think about casting models with a little more meat on them?

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