Friday, March 25, 2011

Meme-ing for Jesus

Even without being a parody of Rebecca Black's unironically awkward teeny-bopper viral hit, "Friday", this is epic. A bunch of young and unironically Christian counsellors from Camp Cho-Yeh, in Texas, partying wholesomely with Lord Jesus in their hearts:

It's hard to choose a favourite scene, but here is my shortlist:

Chaste dancing. Check out the morality monitor in the back.

Chaste hugging. He a playa.
Despite the chaparones, though, they manage to get girls dancing in swimsuits.
One-pieces, but still seems out of place.


Cameo by FREEZE of Icy Hot Stuntaz fame.
Another star cameo: Canada's beloved indy chateuse,  Feist

Camper praying fervently to God to make it stop.
Or perhaps to mercifully strike him down.

Rapture. RAPTURE!
Damn. They're still here.

And a good summary of the entire Rebecca Black parody meme.

See the rest of the Camp's videos here. And have a wholesomely crunk weekend.

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