Thursday, May 19, 2011

Here I am, Ms. Nixon...

Last year, I blogged about Copywriter Alec Brown's clever self-promotion of buying the names of top NYC Creative Directors on Google Adwords. The idea was that CDs are so vain that they Google themselves several times a day. It worked.

In that context, I will humbly point out that I did not find this on my own:

It's a post in the blog Flo in The City, where writer Dorothy Nixon inquires into the internet void about freelance opportunities. Jason Hamilton, our Director of Digital Media, stumbled upon it somehow. (Stop creeping me, Jason! :)

Well, here I am, Ms. Nixon. Let's see if you find this post. You're "it".


  1. Yes, I found it! Tag! I check my stats. My blog is very popular in Moldova which up until lately I thought was a fake country starring Peter Sellers.

    So, you see, I get to learn things and sometimes meet interesting people.

    Did you see my post of a few days ago, where I comment on the unintentional influence of Google News Headlines? Media changes us in ways we can't predict (blah,blah,blah)...althought some of us do try to predict the future of media.

    (PS.I did not expect you to find my post on your own, but I did think it possible that someone you know would find it. Perhaps just to tell me to take the clipped image off ;)


  2. The image is no problem :) Thanks for your post.