Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld and CHANEL would like to remind you how ordinary you are

I'm going to be totally honest with you, dear readers. I only watched this for abot 5 minutes, then FFWDed it to see if anything happened. It didn't.

So if you want to subject yourself to the most pretentious, horribly written and acted, infuriating and obnoxious short film full of unsympathetic characters, then please enjoy this CHANEL branded "entertainment".

The Tale Of A Fairy - FULL VERSION HD - English Version from germaine dulac on Vimeo.

For the rest of us, I'll just say: "Jesus! The '80s called. They want their horrible people back!"

"Is this all a dream? Do people really write dialogue like this?"

The Coco Chanel blog offers its own description:

"Ooh la la, looks like Monsieur ‘multi-tasking’ Lagerfeld has well and truly caught the film-making bug. Earlier this month, the white ponytailed one unveiled three commercials for ice-cream brand Magnum starring the sweeter-than-sweet Rachel Bilson and today, we’ve been treated to a sneak peek of his latest cinematic venture: ‘The Tale of a Fairy’.
The 30-minute film is imagined, written and directed by Super-Karl to accompany Chanel’s latest Cruise collection, which will be shown in Cap d’Antibes on Monday night – and having seen the trailer, there’ll be more than a few wrinkled eyebrows on the FROW…
As is customary for any Chanel endeavour, the designer has rallied up his finest muses. Kristen McMenamy takes centre stage as an erratic glamazon who, as far as we can make out, enjoys a spot of gambling and high-pitched screeching, smashing champagne glasses and sporting an Amy Winehouse-esque beehive (AMAZE). Next to arrive is the divine Amanda Harlech, who harps on about ‘loosening up’ and ‘releasing the corset, sweetheart.’ And, of course, Karl’s thrown in his favourite boy toy, Baptiste Giabiconi as McMenamy’s ridiculously chiseled Godson. Seriously, could one two-minute trailer be more chic?
And then there’s the fairy. Emerging from the cliffs, topless sea nymph stylee, it’s none other than supermodel Freja Beha in all her androgynous, wide-eyed glory. ‘I can change it all’, she whispers before smooching a sultry Anna Mouglalis. Crikey, Karl! ‘It is a movie about an ill-advised use of money which begins with violence and ends with feeling,’ he eloquently explained. ‘Some people may be shocked.’"

Shocked by girls kissing girls and toplessness? This is fashion advertising, where there is an entire blog dedicated to gratuitous nipples in silly photoshoots. Where naked models starve themselves to death right in front of the cameras, while people keep on drinking champagne and congratulating each other on their fabulousness.

Meh. But what did you think of the clothes?

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