Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Sussex Safer Roads ad proves you can't improve on perfection

In fact, you can't even come near it.

Let's review:

Embrace Life (Osocio's campaign of the year in 2010) was a perfect PSA. It understood its target market (dads of young families). It had a single-minded message (always wear your seatbelt). And it had a pure and emotive "why" (because they'd save you if they could).

Fast forward to this year's sequel,  Stay a Hero.

They hit the right "dad" notes, this time with a little boy who idolizes you. The emotion is all there. But what are they asking me to do? "Stay Safe"? That's as vague as "be careful"...

This new ad has the same creative team, Daniel Cox and Sarah Alexander. But the strategy lacks focus. And that makes it imperfect.

Not that I can blame anyone. The "seatbelt is a hug from protective loved ones" insight may be a once-in-a-lifetime eureka moment. And it's hard to repeat that kind of thing. So we're left with a lot of emotional will to "stay safe", but no simple actions to make it happen.

Still, by any other standard than the ones SSRP set with their first effort, this new ad is still nice work.

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