Friday, August 19, 2011

F'd Ad Fridays: the worst attempt at viral marketing I have seen this week

Buzzfeed lists are one of the laziest ways to generate content. You just come up with some kind of observational humour angle, then compile a bunch of photos and captions. Most of them suck. So I don't even know why I clicked on something as unpromising as:

Notice who/what the submitter is? I didn't. I guess I was tired. And bored. So much so that I endured several of these lame and obvious dichotomies hoping for something surprising.

Then I got to the kicker. If it can be called that. It was actually the most hamfisted transition to a sales pitch ever:

Are students much stupider than they used to be? In my day, this kind of craptacular attempt at stealth marketing would have led to backlash against the brand. And we didn't even have social media; we actually had to write editorials in the student newspaper to register our disgust. (And they called us "slackers" back then.)

Now, all it gets is this:

All I could think about, reading this, was that someone let a summer intern run with his or her "OMFG, this is totally going viral!" idea without really giving a shit.


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