Friday, September 30, 2011

F'd Ad Fridays: Assholery of the week

This ad is from the so-called "Institute for Canadian Values" and it was placed in mainstream media in advance of the Ontario provincial election. It's a reaction to a proposed sex ed curriculum in public schools:

"Under the abandoned curriculum, Grade 1 students would have been taught the correct terms for body parts, including genitalia, which can help prevent sexual abuse.

But what sparked the ire of social conservatives was that Grade 3 students would have learned about homosexuality.

Sixth-graders would be taught about masturbation.

In Grade 7, concepts of anal and oral sex would have been introduced."

The Liberal government, if re-elected, has promised to do more "parent consultation" before proceeding.

The only confused people I see here are the advertisers, who are convinced that sexual orientation is a choice (and that someone would choose a path that would lead to being discriminated against by assholes like them).

Regardless, their ad has caused a lot of activity on social media, with this response from trans activist Chase Joynt:

Thanks to Marc for the tip.

UPDATE: The National Post has apologized for choosing to run the ad.

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  1. Urg. I got into so many arguments when this curriculum went around the first time. People really need to get the knots out of their panties. Teaching kids that transgendered/intersexed/whathaveyou exist is not going to 'confuse' them. It's going to give the kids who are already confused an idea that maybe they aren't alone.