Friday, September 23, 2011

F'd Ad Fridays: Now you can be a sexy eating disorder for Halloween

This costume is, at least, scary:

From Feministing:

The picture on the website shows a young, thin, Caucasian woman with large breasts sporting a short, skintight black dress with the outline of a skeleton on it. She is wearing a red, circular button that reads “Anna Rexia”. The ribbon tie belt around her waist has the markings of a tape measure.

The author, Camille, adds:

I don’t see this site, or any others, marketing costumes like “Sexy Leukemia Patient” or “Slutty Angiodysplasia Victim”. And why would I? Those are “real” conditions.

Well, she seems to have gotten through. The e-commerce link to the product is 404ed.

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