Friday, September 16, 2011

F'd Ad Fridays: Poop jokes... is there anything they can't do?

Via Buzzfeed

Perhaps there's one thing: I don't expect they'll sell a lot of energy supplements to women.


  1. No, this is definitely the worst I've ever seen. I was thinking to myself when I first saw it, that I couldn't believe some company was actually using it as a marketing strategy. Sophmoric, disgusting and stupid, all at the same time.

    1. Read my response below for the common sense response to your stupidity

  2. what agency did this?

  3. I think it is BRILLIANT!!!!! You cant forget the ad or the product. What more can a company want from an ad. It is PERFECT. I LOVE THE PLUMBER!!!!!!

  4. Some people are so dumb!!! The fact that there is even someone writing about how "bad" their marketing strategy is, they won! What's the goal of marketing a product? Marketing 101 will tell us that it's to get the name out there. Becoming a household name would be ideal of course. And what has this company done?!? Got their name out there, step one of becoming a household name. And if you watch TV for at least an hour a year, you'll know that comedy sells. Sex does too, but now a days, the funnier the commercial is, the more it's talked about and enjoyed. Common sense says that if my previous sentence is true, you are on your way to success with your company. Brilliant if you ask me. In fact, I enjoyed the commercial so much that I uploaded it to my Facebook page. Now it's exposed to my 500+ friends who will watch it and if even 1 friend shares it with their friends and so on and so forth, your company will succeed in No time.

  5. Hmm..I've been reading these comments and am surprised that nobody has mentioned.. what seemed obvious to me.. the LSD connection. I saw a sticker of the happy face "dropping" a square "hit" on the tongue (Co.logo) and immediately thought of high school.."before just say no".. Back then it was yes yes and a (SHEET) of purple gel or paper squares.. "window pain" acid was what came to mind when the peers and i heard the word sheet. "Want to buy a sheet".. "Who's got the sheet this weekend?" Im kind of surprised AdWeek missed the reference.. I have a friend in LA who's the owner and Chief Creative Dir. of a top ad agency.. Im positive the reference would not have gotten by him.. yeah.. a peer.. You ad folks these days are far removed from the 70's I guess.. Nancy Reagan knocked "sheet" from the hipster lexicon it seems. The agency that came up w the campaign for sheets should be proud they got one by you squares at AdWeek.. Way hip they are. I havn't seen any commercials.. If they are camouflaging with toilet paper references thats too bad.. although where are you going to go w acid drop imagery.. there is only so many people who listen to DUB.