Thursday, October 13, 2011

Is this what childhood has come to?

I get the ads. I just hate them.

Why? Because they are telling the truth about what these little boxes do to kids. They isolate them from normal external and social stimulus and make them into obsessive couch potatoes.

Many parents might love the convenience of plugging your kid into personal digital media. Hey, they aren't running around causing trouble. They aren't talking at you non-stop. They aren't really asking for anything, except the latest game and some Kraft Dinner once in a while.

But you know what? Kids are supposed to be hard work. They learn by asking, interacting, and getting into all kinds of real world mayhem.

Yes, some games can reinforce mental skills, coordination, etc. But so does being in touch with the outside world. Kids need the right mix of both to grow up healthy and happy.

These ads may be intended as funny, but they're way too close to the reality I see around me to make me chuckle.

Ads via IBIA.


  1. Agreed. My kids have these, but since they're constantly leaving them at their dad's I don't deal with the constant playing (plus they have a very limited number of games) but it drives me nuts when I see people whose kids are constantly playing them. CONSTANTLY. LIMITS, PEOPLE!

  2. As with anything, balance is everything. All my friends kids have these devices but are only allowed to use them infrequently.