Sunday, December 4, 2011

These ads were created by a bunch of heels

From the submission to Ads of The World: "High Heels are uncomfortable and inconvenient. So how does Deichmann convince women to wear them? Prove to women that men over 180 cm are more successful and that they should wear high heels to keep up with the guys."

As a short guy, I have three reasons to hate this campaign.

The first is the manipulative sexism. For years, I've been complaining that painful fashion is something women have been imposing on themselves and each other, and there is no patriarchal conspiracy behind it. This campaign seems to indicate otherwise.

This one also offers some awful German-to-English translation.

Second, the ads claim that height is essential to success. I've always thought being a mere 5'7" has been a big part of my success, because it forces me to compensate with a big personality.

Third, I don't want women to be tall! It was hard enough finding partners of my scale when I was single, without pressure for them to be taller...

Thank God for short women!


  1. Lighten up! If it was up to you, all advertising would be fucking boring. This is all in fun. Besides, they didn't invent the statistic. It's true that tall men earn more money and are more likely to be promoted. You really become annoying when you start to pontificate.

  2. Then why do you keep reading? I've had stalkers less obsessed than you.

  3. You did?!? No shit! Why would anyone want to stalk you? I thought you were only 5'7". I love it when you pontificate like you were some advertising guru.

  4. I think I know what word was on your word-of-the-day calendar this morning. Use it one more time, and it will be with you forever.