Wednesday, February 15, 2012

John Lennon murdered again, this time by Brazil's Fischer & Fischer

Via I Believe in Advertising

Dear non-English ad agencies of the world:

We, the English-speaking world, acknowledge that not everyone speaks the same language as we do. If we are to be totally honest, most of you speak our language while a shameful few of us speak yours.

That said, nobody is forcing you to translate your ads into English just to get the attention of international ad bloggers and awards jury members who are too lazy to figure them out.

But if you do choose to go to the bother and expense of translating and redesigning your ads for international and anglo viewing, FOR GOD'S SAKE SPEND THE $100 BUCKS TO HAVE A NATIVE ENGLISH PROOFREADER LOOK AT THEM FIRST!!!

Especially when your client is Rolling Stone.

All the best,

- Tom

UPDATE: They fixed it.


  1. Indeed, a shameful few of you (the English- speaking world) speak any other language than English. Which is more shameful, a type spelling mistake or that fact?

  2. You're comparing apples and oranges, Ariel. The former is a shockingly unprofessional lack of quality control; the latter is just anglophone cultural entitlement/arrogance.

  3. Of course yes, but this was referred to in the very beginning of the article. The error (a typo mistake) was amplified using this argument: hire someone from the English-speaking world to correct the non-English-speaking-world text (the anglophone cultural arrogance you mentioned)! It was the author who mixed - sadly - apples and oranges.