Friday, February 24, 2012

Paddy Power declares open season on Chavs #FdAdFriday


For those of us on this side of the Atlantic, "Chav" is a classist term for obnoxious and vain people of lower socioeconomic status, equivalent to "Guido" in America.

Online gambling operation Paddy Power, who have figured out the best media plan is to get your ads banned, came up with this one that they say is unbroadcastable in Great Britain.

It is pretty amusing, though. Someone should send that sniper to New Jersey.

First seen on Ads of The World


  1. Tom, you "mistranslated" that (transatlantic here): A guido and a chav are very different. Apart from having the Italian ethnic element to it, a guido is vain and guido men are 'overstyled'. A chav is not. "Chav" is simply the British way of saying "White trash". There is not really an element of hairspray, fake tan for men, waxing for men element to a British chav man. Actually most chavs have far too short hair for that kind of vanity anyways. "Chav" is seen as the OPPOSITE of vain (too sloppy with their looks). There is however a certain look associated with chav men in the UK: Tracksuits, baseball caps, running shoes and 'bling' necklaces. You should go on google images and type in chav. It's quite accurate.

    I can't check out the video because it says "This video is private".

  2. I now was too curious and went over to youtube to check it out. The misnomer might have been intentional: While the women in the ad are definitely chav, none of the men that are being 'shot' are actually 'chav'. So they were trying to emphasize the ridiculousness of the original comment I'd say. But that doesn't explain to me the gender difference. Odd.

  3. Thanks, Kat. I'll fix the broken embed when I have some time.