Friday, April 20, 2012

Radio station insults men by calling them women #FdAdFriday

I wonder if this kind of shit will ever end.

This "joke" was posted on the Facebook wall of Chez 106, an Ottawa radio station that plays classic rock.

You see, Ottawa has a hockey rivalry with Toronto, which leads to this kind of trash talk. Which can be fun, as long as you don't go trashing half the human species while you're at it.

Calling men "women" as an insult is probably as old as the hills. Kids still use it in the playground, I'm sure. But that doesn't make it OK. And the menstrual reference, often perceived as a women's "weakness" by assholes, is also a dick move.

Okay, my rant is done. I'll let Iggy Pop have the last word:

Via Slutwalk Toronto

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  1. Bless you, Mr. Pop. Tom, thanks for posting that. (I'm not going to ask why you were on the Chez Facebook site.)