Tuesday, May 8, 2012

McDonald's wants you to buy your kids' love with McNuggets

It's always been known that McDonald's real brand promise is "buy your children's love". They create this opportunity by marketing so effectively to kids that they think anything tastes better in a McWrapper. Then they sappily remind third- and fourth-generation McParents how great they felt when they went to the Golden Arches.

Knowing all of this, and as cynical as I am, I was still shocked when I saw this print campaign on Copyranter's Buzzfeed blog.

DDB New York has produced what may be the most blatant execution of McDonald's brand strategy by telling parents that even if they suck at making their kids happy, the anodyne is a quick trip to the Mc, where a few bucks worth of sugar, salt, fat and designer flavours will make it all okay.

Yeah, it's supposed to be clever and funny. No, I am not laughing. Especially in regards to the one where a little boy is abandoned in a dark soccer field because mom or dad simply forgot to pick him up:

Show some responsibility already, McDonalds and DDB. Or at least be a little more subtle in your evil manipulation of parental love. OK?


  1. I'm just going to say it. The last one pisses me off because it screams child-neglect to me. As someone with an addicted gambler for a parent, I know all too well the fear, anxiety and embarrassment of having to wait for hours on end for your ride to come and get you.

    I can get over the first two being kind of cute because stuff happens like that all the time and how often do you see parents negotiate "treats" with their kids.

    That last one though hits a nerve and I'm insulted that McDonald's has the guts to even use this as a message. Just irresponsible.

    1. I agree. The third is a whole 'nother level of irresponsible.