Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sibling rivalry: Identical twin ADs square off on beer label design contest

Duelling Wantucks at the National Art Gallery
Okay, so this is fun.

My good friends Tim Wantuck and Daryn Wantuck are identical twins. And they don't just have looks in common — they're both accomplished designers, illustrators and art directors at Ottawa agency The Bytown Group. And if you know them, you're already aware that they never saw a logo or packaging design contest they could walk away from.

So, predictably, when Kichesippi Beer Co. decided to crowdsource a label for its newest brew, Heller High Water, both Daryn and Tim got in on the action. And what do you know? They both made the Top 4:

Daryn's is on the right.

Tim's is on the right.
Sibling rivalry? Oh, yeah! If you'd like to weigh in on either twin's design, or even vote for one of the other, non monozygotic-clone-designed, ones, go to the Kichesippi Beer page and "Like" your favourite(s) to vote them up.

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