Friday, June 22, 2012

Femfresh's euphemisms are... not so fresh #FdAdFriday

Jezebel posted this creative from Femfresh, yesterday, with the headline ‘Intimate Hygiene’ Product Ad is Scared of the Word ‘Vagina’.

As I pointed out earlier this week, the proper anatomical term for women's internal sexuality has become something of a shibboleth for feminists in 2012. And what do progressive women hate more than ads telling them they need to deodorize their most intimate parts? Republican legislators, maybe. Human traffickers, definitely. But not much else.

The Wall has documented the social media fallout for the brand, which managed to offend on two fronts:

Women’s hygiene brand Femfresh has suffered a backlash on its Facebook page as “fans” took umbrage with its euphemistic terms for the word vagina. 
Femfresh refers to it in several different ways on Facebook calling it “your kitty, nooni, lala…and froo froo”. 
In a post about the Isle of Wight festival, with two women pictured, Femfresh asked “WOOHOO…Isle of Wight festival kicks off tomorrow. What do we think wellies or flip flops or both?” The comments in response are all entirely negative. 
One response with 22 likes said: ” I can’t go to any festivals! I’ll be too busy sitting at home crying about the embarrassing smell of my shame-shame.” 
While another with 34 likes wrote: ” I dunno, which do you think would go best with the bacterial vaginosis I would get from washing my vulva with anything other than water?”
As of this moment, the Femfresh Facebook Page appears to be deleted. But here are some caps:

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