Tuesday, June 5, 2012


This has to be a joke.

My Osocio colleague, Marc, sent me this link about a group of Polish women who got naked and posed with a giant penis to protest FEMEN's assault on the Euro 2012 soccer tournament — co-hosted by Poland and Ukraine.

Their statement:

Euro 2012 is unique occasion for us women to earn some extra money on sex-tourism! Many Polish women count on these profits and can't wait foreign football fans. Generally we earn less, usually we get worse job. Many of us bring up children alone, so Euro is a great opportunity for us. It is a chance to earn extra money and in many cases an opportunity to break the fall. 
As female artists, whose income from the art is too low to be able to maintain itself, we look forward to this opportunity too. Therefore, we disagree with the action of Ukrainian feminists Femen who protest against prostitution during Euro - also in Poland! If they want to rebel, they can do it at home in the Ukraine! Poland is our territory! 
We do not believe, moreover, that selling bodies is worse and more humiliating kind of prostitution than the one practiced every day by some artists supporting correct ideologies - in exchange for fame, and money. We prefer to be prostitutes dealing bodies then becoming artists from the first rows of the art whores system – selling their artistic freedom! 
Therefore, we vote for prostitution in Reality – and against prostitution in ART! Therefore we urge all the feminists during the time of Euro 2012 to stay in the kitchen and let Polish girls earn some money!  
On the occasion of EURO 2012, we also created our own Euro 2012 mascot. This is the eight-foot sculpture of an anonymous figure - "Prince X", inspired by the work of renowned sculptor Constantin Brancusi, showing substantial male genitals – the symbol of our prosperity.

Part of me really hopes this is a clever false-flag operation by FEMEN, or their allies. Or even a parody.

The manifesto goes from demanding that "All the feminists during EURO should be closed in the kitchen and not disturb Polish girls!" and moves on to:
We will establish a new order of things, law and justice. All mobile chargers will have the same input, if someone cannot afford the petrol, we will push his car. There will be no more illiterates, science and religion will become reconciled. A square wheel will be invented, testing of nuclear weapons and cream on rabbits will be stopped. Number of whales, killer whales, marsupials and other endangered species (including sturgeon) will be increased. The prices of rye on the international market will fall down. There will be no homeless and unemployed people, poaching will disappear. North America will be returned to the Indians, deforestation in the Amazon will end. The domination of the drug cartels will end. All corporations will become bankrupt. All pornographic corporations will be ruined too, because thanks to our services everybody will be satisfied. Even the Six Heads of Lenin. There will be no venereal disease, prostitution and people-trafficking will disappear. There will be yachts for everyone. You'll never run out of bananas for our youth. Everyone will get a slave, and will be someone's slave, and yet slavery will dissapear. 
The group is real however, and have apparently been around since 1998. I suppose they're just having some fun, here. And I can't wait for FEMEN's response.


  1. Femen cant'n response anything, because Femen is an empty movement without real proposals, these polish women have some real proposals, Femen has no proposals at all, "Let us earn more" is concrete, letting to a solution to a problem "Fuck Euro 2012" is nothig.

  2. Perhaps if you researched FEMEN other anonymous commenter you would realize that FEMEN do have real proposals. They argue that prostitutes should not bear the legal burden, that people who use prostitution services should be charged and deported if they are foreigners, they argue for the right to use condoms, and protest for gay rights.

    Let us earn more is not concrete - it is buying into your own hegemony and slavery.