Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sara Lee cakes rebranded under processed meat

Even as a Canadian, whose crappy frozen cakes usually carried the McCain brand, I knew Sara Lee's slogan "Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee!"

The double negative was a stroke of genius, one of the few times it actually (as our English teachers always contended) created a positive.

Well, no more. According to Business Insider:

Sara Lee Corp. told investors today that it will change its name to Hillshire Brands Co. (ticker symbol "HSH") in an attempt to buoy falling sales of its packaged meat products Wednesday.

Hillshire? The sausage brand?

Well, yes. Apparently the frozen cake business hasn't been doing too well, and bringing the sweet late night freezer raid bait under the salty, questionably-harvested meat brand is going to help.

Best of luck with that. Because nobody doesn't like mechanically separated pork...


  1. Huh. Always thought they were saying "nobody does it like Sara Lee."

  2. no - they're doing a double negatory: nobody doesn't like sara lee. very catchy. i don't think they could get away these days, though - now that the grammar police have armed drones...


  3. btw, hillshire polska kielbasa is probably the worst example of kobasa. no wonder it doesn't sell.