Friday, June 8, 2012

Recycled pee jokes shock British shoppers #FdAdFriday

Copyranter posted some controversial mailers for UK retailer Harvey Nichols:

(Via Daily Mail)

These caused some outrage, but HN was happy with it. They told the Daily Mail:

Defending its latest ads, a spokesman for Harvey Nichols said: 'We developed the campaign to promote our summer sale and capture the excitement in a light-hearted, humorous way.  
'The images in our advertising were designed to be a visual representation of a well-known phrase. 
'During the production of the campaign, we researched the use of this expression in popular culture and social media and were satisfied that is is both commonplace and invariably used in a playful, inoffensive manner, which was in keeping with the tongue-in-cheek spirit in which we intended our campaign to be taken.'
What their research did not turn up, apparently, is that the concept is done:

CP+B, 2007 (Via Coloribus)

  And done:
BIG Advertising, Beijing, 2009 (via AOTW)

BIG Advertising, Beijing, 2009

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