Friday, July 6, 2012

Agency recruitment video has unfortunate context #FdAdFriday

Boone Oakley of Charlotte, NC, produced clever-clever little recruitment video that offers to help interviewed candidates explain their absence from their current agency by fabricating tragedies and injuries with the hep of a makeup artist. (Via AdFreak)

They mean well, but when I first looked at the still (above) on the AdFreak link, I immediately assumed it was a domestic violence awareness campaign. Especially with the "excuses" onscreen.

It also just so happens that this week, a real domestic violence awareness campaign launched, in which a makeup artist shows women how to hide the signs of physical abuse on their faces:

Not that Boone Oakley intended anything negative by it. But it just goes to show that portrayals of battered women — even in jest — are loaded with unintended cultural context.

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