Thursday, August 23, 2012

Internet creates the "nude" Natalie Portman ad fans were hoping for

It's fake, according to Fashionista, even though the Daily Mail was completely taken in by it.

Every time a famous woman gets "nude" for a campaign, it makes headlines. Even if the only skin you end up seeing wouldn't make you look twice at the beach.

Here's the real ad:

There's also this:

Via mostlysunnybunny
Look, she's a stunning woman. And she has done this kind of posing for Dior before. It's not really big news — it's just the more sophisticated end of sex in advertising. 

Perhaps that's why some photoshopper felt the need to make it more lurid.

Ms. Portman didn't do it all for money and vanity, however. As part of her modelling deal she chose one of Dior's eight new lip colours, "Grege #169", for a CSR program in which all proceeds will go to Free the Children. She's their face too.

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