Friday, April 12, 2013

Low-fat cheese brand makes fun of diet industry clichés aimed at women

More and more brands are realizing that the best way to reach women is to make fun of the way everyone else tries to reach women.

The menstruation products industry has been doing this for years. Fashion, too. So low-cal foods might as well get into the action. And who knows cheese better than a cheese manufacturer?

Adfreak's Rebecca Cullers writes,
...the truly subversive content is in the jingle which asks, "How many clichés are we gonna stand?" There is more than a passing jibe toward Special K, whose red and white color pallet and blue-jean obsession is mocked. And the spot ends with a furious montage of women measuring and weighing themselves as the jingle sings, "They know they bring us down, but it's for our own good, cause we gotta keep you girls all feeling bad about food."
You can follow the campaign on Facebook, where you can make your own "bad ad".

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