Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This is how you do sex in advertising

It can be done. Just watch:

I was a little worried at first, with the lesbian fetish cliché of the two women kissing, but when bethonged spokesman Brandon Allen gets in bed with the threesome, the ad achieves a kind of self-deprecating charm and irony.

The point is that sex in advertising isn't bad by itself. The problem is when the sex is all about objectifying women's bodies and sexuality for men's viewing pleasure. Sexual humour that treats everyone equally isn't a problem when the context and the audience are appropriate.

There are two other ads in the series. One deals with BDSM:

The other, dope:

These ads are all about brand over product. It's the sort of unpretentious marketing that goes over well with the growing numbers of undemanding new wine drinkers.

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  1. This goes over well with you? Really? I wouldn't be surprised if you do bong rips. I belong to the 99% too, but I don't do any of that. If it wasn't for the bethonged guy, who is not the real Brandon Allen (see below), I wouldn't even find these spots funny. I find them derivative and cheap. So many wine brands these days espouse this type of marketing, where sexual humor is being employed. It's getting old already. There's nothing original here. Nothing that even entices me to try this wine, called Sexual Chocolate (the name can't get any more trite than this). It probably tastes like plonk.

    The real bespectacled Brandon Allen, some 20 or 30 something dude, who's savvy enough to know that the unwashed masses are always willing to lap up anything sexual.

  2. It's the real Brandon Allen. He stayed at my house three weeks ago. They showed me the videos before they were published. If you don't believe me, call the phone number on the page you linked. You'll hear the same voice that's in the commercials. Or try the pics here-

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