Monday, July 29, 2013

Creepiest movie poster of all time?

I was just perusing Slate's "A Brief History of the Bikini" when this image jumped out and touched me inappropriately:

IMDB provides this plot summary:
Baby photographer Ronnie Jackson, on death row in San Quentin, tells reporters how he got there: taking care of his private-eye neighbor's office, Ronnie is asked by the irresistible Baroness Montay to find the missing Baron. There follow confusing but sinister doings in a gloomy mansion and a private sanatorium, with every plot twist a parody of thriller cliches. What are the villains really after? Can Ronnie beat a framed murder rap?


  1. THIS is the creepiest movie poster ever? You got to be kidding.

    1. Serious question, Anon: Is English not your first language? Because if you are the same Anon who drops in now and then just to complain, I have noted a pattern of failing to comprehend nuance and common colloquialisms.

    2. I am sorry but I think you are confusing me with someone. Also, I haven't failed to comprehend anything here. I know very well what creepy means. Looking forward to your next "creepy" post!